We are committed to offering a solution, not just a product for your photographic needs. In conjunction with our camera manufactures and suppliers we provide masterclasses by industry professionals to help further your photographic knowledge. This page is updated regularly with class information, we hope to see you there.

Past Events

Ringwood Camera House offered a one day short course on DSLR/Mirrorless Video on July 1st.

Thanks to everyone who attended.

Thank you to all who attended the Focus on Food workshop, held on the 9th of April.

A special thank you to Kim Jane, Canon and our wonderful team who were there to lend a hand.

The Fuji Macro Masterclass was held on the 29th of August. Thanks to all who attended.

Ringwood Camera House alongside Olympus Australia conducted a food photography workshop on Thursday 11th August. Thanks to all who attended.

We want to extend a big thank you to everyone who came to our flash workshop. Thanks to Jay Collier (Canon Collective) and our model Maddi.

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