ONLINE CLASS – Introduction to DSLR

Learn the basics of photography as we teach you how to use your DSLR or mirrorless camera with our online class.

Join us online as we explore the basics of photography and show you how to use your DSLR or mirrorless camera. Our ‘Introduction to DSLR’ class is perfect for beginners just starting out, and those wanting to refresh their skills.

Over two evenings we delve into all the functions of your DSLR camera. Through a combination of theoretical and practical learning you will become confident shooting off automatic mode. With our help you can make the most out of your camera and achieve the photos you want.

Topics covered:

Key elements:

  • shutter speed,
  • aperture
  • ISO

Secondary elements:

  • white balance
  • exposure compensation
  • drive modes
  • focus points
  • focus modes
  • file types
  • image resolution

Creative elements:

  • composition
  • perspective
  • tips and techniques
  • equipment including in-camera flash, filters, tripods plus lenses and how they affect your images.

How the online class works: very much the same as in person, but now you get to be in the comfort of your own home. Our tutor, Dani, will be setup in our studio to host the class. The livestream session will be a two-way conversion. As Dani teaches we welcome any questions and comments. She will be able to assist you with questions about your cameras buttons, menus and functions.

What you need to have handy:

  • A computer with good internet connection
  • The computer to have a camera and microphone so that we can interact with you
  • Your DSLR camera, lenses, memory card and charged battery
  • A pen and paper

The class runs from 6pm on two consecutive Tuesday nights. Class sizes are limited to small groups.

Cost for the two evenings is $179, or $129 if the camera was purchased at Croydon or Ringwood Camera House.

Our October dates are:

  • Night one – Tuesday October 13th
  • Night two – Tuesday October 20th

For further information, please contact the store on (03) 97253816 or email

Upon booking confirmation we will send you the livestream link.