Drone workshop

Develop hands-on skills in this workshop as we teach you the theoretical and practical skills behind piloting a drone. Learn piloting manoeuvres that can add creative appeal your videos and images.

This workshop is suited for drone beginners and enthusiasts who would like to get more out of a new flying camera. Over the course of three hours, you have practical hands-on experience controlling your drone and exploring piloting tactics in order to take the most stunning images and videos safely. Explore artistic techniques for taking photos and videos with your drone.

Topics will include identifying your drone components and setting up your drone correctly, learning the basic CASA safety rules and regulations, creating a pre-flight checklist including mission planning, pre-flight and take-off procedures (a sample will be provided during the workshop). During the hands-on workshop you will be using the flight app controlling the drone (iPhone or Android) and learn how to choose the appropriate camera settings. The different flight modes will also be discussed and how to shoot and stitch panoramas as well as post-processing and editing tips.

This workshop is perfect for beginners and creative photography and videography enthusiasts as well as drone owners who would like to upskill.

Class sizes are limited to four participants.

The class will commence in the Camera House Studio for a theoretical learning session, before heading outside to a nearby oval for practical hands-on learning.

What participants need to bring: Bring your own drone if you have one. If you do not have access to a drone, please contact the store as Croydon Camera House may be able to loan you use of a drone for the duration of the workshop.

Price: $199 per person

Where: Class commences at Croydon Camera House Studio. Level 1, 125 Main Street, Croydon 3136

Strictly limited to 4 places. Books essential. Book instore or online today.

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