Take your lighting to the next level!

Now that you have your external flash, let Bron teach you how to use it!

Held at our Croydon Camera House Studio, join the external flash workshop on two consecutive Saturday afternoons 2:00pm until 4:30pm. Let us teach you the elements of flash photography where you will learn about the different modes and settings on your flash and start using it on your camera.

Week 1 – Learn how to make the most of your flash, discover all the modes and settings, start using it with your camera.

Week 2 – Now you’re confident with the flash settings and how to use your flash, let Bron teach you about off camera flash, rear curtain flash and different sync speeds.

Topics covered:

  • Automatic and manual flash modes
  • Sync speeds
  • Rear curtain flash
  • Off camera flash
  • Equipment – gels, diffusers and attachments to achieve different effects

What to bring:

  • DSLR or mirrorless camera
  • Your flash (if you haven’t purchased one please ask our friendly staff about borrowing one for the day)
  • Batteries for both Camera & Flash
  • Memory card
  • Tripod if you have one

Bookings essential, limited to 8 participants.

Cost: $150 for both nights.

Call (03) 9725 3816 if you would like further information.
There are currently no upcoming External Flash classes.