Photography Skills Training

Photography skills training at Croydon Camera House.

Advance your photographic skills with our five-week photography course. Each week we’ll cover a new subject including night photography, portraiture and lighting, along with shutter speeds, depth of field, lens choice and much more.

You will participate in practical studio and location exercises under the direction of our instructor, so you get a real hands-on and workable photographic knowledge.

No question is a silly question. No experience necessary although a basic understanding of your camera is helpful. 2021 Photography Skills Training will comprise of five, 2-hour sessions with an optional two-day photo tour for participants, all taught by International Travel Photographer, Rod Black.

Day 1

Introduction to Photography Skills

On the first night we will review the fundamentals of cameras and photographic equipment. You will learn a general history of photography and how cameras have developed. We will review the difference between focal plane shutters and leaf shutters, how they work and their effect on your photography. You will further understand the mechanics of aperture and its effects. We will also look at what gear people have and make some recommendations for further purchases. How to get the best out of your camera settings. Some basic studio lighting principles. Alternative lighting techniques including painting with light and mixing various light sources. The possibilities of creative photographic composition.

Day 2

Long Exposures/ Night Photography

On the second night we will review long exposures and working with tripods, Astro photography, Shutter speeds, Depth of field, Back/rear curtain sync, Remotes and different ways to achieve trigger release, ND Filters, Different focal lengths – what is the difference in the effects. When and what lens to use, Slow and fast lenses – what does that mean?, Set home projects assignment

Day 3

Portrait Photography

On the third night explore portraiture indoor techniques and outdoor techniques, studio and street photography (People in the street), lens choices, candid photography – long to wide lenses and shutter speeds, reflectors and panels and provide Home assignments

Day 4

Action Photography

On the fourth night explore fast exposure with flash during open shutter practical task, positioning for the shot. Getting to the best spot – 1 step left – camera on the ground or above the head, focus tracking, shutter speeds and depth of fields ISO, continuous drive and Lens choices.

Day 5

Equipment Options

Day 5 explore equipment options, filter kits, speed light options, LED Options and review

Travel Tour Option

Attendees join tour to put their new skills into practice, Great Ocean Road Tour – 2 days travel along the Great Ocean Road. Additional $400 includes travel and tuition. Accommodation and meals are extra.

What to bring: Camera, lenses, charged batteries, memory card, tripod and flash (if you have one).

Class sizes are limited to 10 participants. The class is held in the learning space above Croydon Camera House (Level 1, 125 Main Street Croydon).

For further information, please contact the store on (03) 97253816.


We are taking all the necessary safety precautions to keep both our tutors and participants are safe.

Our workshops will respect social distancing of 1.5 metres, be limited to small groups, have access to hand sanitizer, all surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned before and after the class. There will be no handling of shared objects.We kindly ask that if you are not feeling well that you contact Croydon Camera House and we will reschedule you into a workshop for when you are feeling better.

About Phototourism

If you have a sense of adventure and a keen eye for photography then let Phototourism take you off the beaten track and into a whole new world of wonder.

Founder and Professional Photographer Rod Black has over 40 years of experience behind the lens. Starting his career as a corporate advertising photographer based in his studio in Prahran. Rod has worked with some of the largest brands in Australia and has shot a huge volume of material including international clients, industrial location photography, extensive studio product work, several model agencies, government agencies, universities and much more.

Now having left that world behind he explores our worlds hidden gems conducting tours in Australia, Vietnam and Laos.

In Australia he runs Photo-Tours and Workshops in Melbourne, Victoria’s Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula and Tasmania.

Our tours combines the best elements of a modern tour with the added benefit of photographer tour guides. We are fully committed to helping our tour members find the best locations and receive the best photographic advice.

Our guides are always happy to provide constructive advice and tuition to assist you to achieve your creative photography goals.

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