So far our Learn on Location classes have been very popular, as we take learning out of the classroom and make the most of various locations.

So grab your camera and sense of adventure and join Bron.

Suited to all skill levels, DSLR and mirrorless camera users.

Learn on Location with Camera House with lots of laughs and lots of love!

Class Duration: 2 Hours

Strictly limited to 12 participants.
Class cost; $59.00

February 24th 2019 – Birdlife @ Ringwood Lake

March 21th 2019 – Paint with Light @ Croydon Camera House

October 28th – 2018

What an exciting lesson it was…taking learning to the next level .. UP!
We had a fantastic bunch of enthusiastic learners who all embarked on a journey with their cameras and into the wondrous forest lookout locations of Olinda, Mt Dandenong.
We stared with the basics, navigating various camera settings for landscape photography and worked our way through the challenges the weather can create. Perfect conditions? Very rarely – we have to compensate a lot of the time. This is where the use of a Haida Graduated & Polariser Filters can come in handy. When the sky is too bright and overexposed – the filters helps a lot!
Our start point was RJ Hamar Reserve, then we were up for more adventure so we made our way to Burkes Lookout, Mt. Dandenong.
The view was a little hazy, but this was a great excursion anyway.
We concluded with a group photo and then enjoyed a light lunch together at the local bakery.
Thanks to all who participated, in this one of a kind LOL – Learn on Location with Lots of Laughs and Lots of Love!