Sony’s market-leading professional broadcast cameras now at Croydon and Ringwood Camera House.

Why Pro Sony?

The Sony line of professional video camcorders give you access to a higher standard of production. With improved image quality, enhanced ergonomics and industry standard methods of operation, these products are a step above DSLR and Mirrorless cameras with only some video features and present a professional image whether it’s broadcast, documentary, event videography or creative media.

Image Sensor

Sony EXMOR sensor’s boast unrivalled low light performance. The variations on these sensors give you the choice to suit your video production. The EXMOR 3MOS sensor which features in the HXR-NX5R has 3 independent 1/2.8 type sensors for rich colour imagery, intelligent noise reduction and distortion correction technologies. While the camera offers Full HD as it’s highest resolution output, this is still the leading broadcast standard and makes this camera a fine for choice event and documentary video production.

Looking for 4K? The PXW-Z150 instead offers the EXMOR RS CMOS sensor, a 1.0 type sensor for superior low light performance and higher resolution outputs for greater flexibility in a creative media sense, whether it be short film production, online content or corporate video.


One of the finer details not acknowledged in the consumer video market is video compression. The method in which the camera’s codec turns your image into a recordable file greatly determines both your overall quality, and the efficiency of your workflow. Sony’s XAVC codec is one of the leading codecs that offers variations for different work. Both XAVC-L (Long GOP compression) and XAVC-S feature in our line of products, which offer different formats of recording but still allow recording to SD memory units, minimising the size of these cameras and giving access to an accessible and affordable medium for recording and transferring.  


Most people fail to realise audio makes up half of your video content and should be considered with just as much importance as your image. With Sony’s range of audio products, the highest quality of in camera audio can be achieved while maximising your amount of inputs for synced audio, creating a more efficient workflow. Sony have released their wireless system range, featuring the URX-P03D 2ch portable wireless system. When fixed to the SMADP3D dual channel multi interface shoe mount, this 2 channel wireless system is powered and connected to the camera without cables! A true wireless system, still allowing use of the 2 XLR inputs on these cameras. This means a possible 4 channels of audio synced to your video is possible using the Sony system.

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