VIP Membership

Become a VIP member and SAVE!

VIP membership benefits

Become a VIP member and receive VIP discounts store wide. Yearly membership is $10 and instantly redeemable.

10% off all printing products* including film processing

10% off the following items when purchased in-store.

All Promaster products, including;

  • Memory cards
  • Filters, lens caps
  • Camera cleaning equipment
  • Tripods
  • Binoculars
  • Batteries

10% off camera and studio hire

10% off camera bags

10% off rolls of film 35mm, 110 and 120, instant films and disposable cameras

10% off sensor cleans

10% off frames and albums

10% off passport photos

*excludes printing products that are not created in-store, or items already receiving a discount. Generally, these items will state ‘please allow 10 days for delivery’ and any promotional pricing within online ordering software. Unsure? Please ask a team member.

How to join?

VIP membership is complimentary with any camera purchase over $199, as part of the Better Pictures Guarantee or simply join in store.

Fee to join for first year is $10 with a $10 renewal fee every year after.