Reasons to buy from our store.

Peace of Mind
When you buy from our store you can be 100% certain that product lives up to  high standards, and will be supported by  local warranty service.

Customer Service
Buying from our store means there is a range of support available you, which includes being able to ask any questions beforehand and try out a demo model. It also makes the replacement and servicing process easier and quicker if you need the support.

Complying with Australian standards
Buying from our store means that your product will be all set up and ready to be used – with manuals, menus and chargers all suited to be used in the Australian market. It also ensures your new product complies with Australian legislation in addition to meeting the Government’s C-Tick standard for electrical operation.

Protection under Australian law – warranty
Goods purchased from an overseas entity may not be covered under the rights you are entitled to under Australian law. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) warn that “when dealing with internationally based companies, you may not be protected by Australian law.”*

Only by purchasing from an Australian company are you entitled to your rights for a refund or repair if your product arrives damaged or faulty.
Companies such as NIKON and SIGMA offer an extra 1 year warranty when purchased from an Australian company.

No hidden taxes
When a ‘grey’ online source advertises goods for sale it might not be clear what your tax implications are. GST, for example, won’t be included in the price you pay – but when the product arrives in Australia you may still have to pay GST before customs will release the goods.
We like to look after our customers and welcome you to use all the benefits of our Better Pictures Guarantee, discounted courses and printing.


Text inspired by Nikon Australia.

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